A family run interior design company based in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis.

Uniquely Yours Home

Allison Pauley

Web Re-Design | UX Design | Branding | Content Writing | Photography | SEO | Launch Graphics

Skills Utilized

1. This mother-daughter interior design team truly does it all. Their wide range of services often left website visitors confused and overwhelmed.

2. Their previous client's have shared that reaching out to an interior designer is often "intimidating", so taking the intimidation factor out of the equation was crucial for this small business.

3. Like any small business, Uniquely Yours Home competes with large corporations that often have accessible storefronts and offer "free" consultations.

Original Website from Client


1. We decided to make the homepage in a "Chose Your Own Adventure" style, featuring three main design services. From there, visitors can naturally navigate through the website to discover services best suited for their needs. This layout eases the visitor into their services, without overwhelming or confusing them.

2. Taking out the "intimidation" factor was done with inviting language ("What can we collaborate on?") and transparency about the process and pricing. If questions about the process and pricing were the number one client concerns, we made sure to be upfront about it, without using scary language like "contract" or "proposal".

3. People want to support small businesses, but let's face it: it's hard to compete with corporate prices. Our goal was to inspire emotion behind Donna and Ashley as a talented mother-daughter team that care about their community and their client's vision. I photographed the team in a candid style, laughing and enjoying work and created copy that reflected their ethics.


1. Site Flow + Customer Journey
2. Moodboard + Ideation
3. Wireframes + Prototyping
4. User Testing
5. Design Implementation
6. Continued User Testing
7. Quality Assurance Testing
8. Launch Marketing Plan
10. Website Launch


Female homeowners between the ages of 40-65 living in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.


As a homeowner, I want to discover services to help me update my home or sell my home.

User goal

Comparative Market Analysis | Prototype Testing | Customer Persona | Customer Journey | Usability Testing | Analytics

Research Methods

Site Flow



Final Homepage

Other Content

Art Direction, Photography & Editing

As my first end-to-end web design project, I learned that flexibility and adaptability fosters growth. It also created a highly collaborative environment, where ideation was involved in every phase of the process. The client felt safe in knowing any element can be fluid and moldable as the website took shape.

An Agile Approach is Essential

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