A hair salon owned and operated by Lindsey Weber, who has a strong client base in Maple Grove, MN.

Echo Hair Design Studio

Allison Pauley

Web Design | UX Design | Branding | Logo Design | SEO | Launch Graphics

Skills Utilized

1. Lindsey created her own salon within Sola Salon Studios, where stylists can lease personal studio spaces. She's been in the industry since 2002 and has a loyal clientele, but needed a defined brand and website to showcase her business.

2. Lindsey wanted her brand to be light and colorful with a layout that urged visitors to "book" and "contact" her.

3. While her previous clients could book and collect information (like hours, location) through her simple Vagaro website, it was lacking personal connection. 


1. I began by sending Lindsey different salon websites which cultivated our conversation about the vision for her page. She sent me photos of her space, along with some ideas on color palette, mood and her key demographic. Through moodboards and logo design, we continued to ideate further about her brand and business goals. Once those elements were reviewed and decided upon, I designed wireframes for her in Sketch. Every part of the process was collaborative.

2. I created a clean, one page website with anchor links to each section. A "book" button is highlighted throughout, so visitors can easily book appointments at any stage of viewing. The branding is light, fun and feminine, matching the experience you'd receive at Echo Hair Design Studio; "When you put out positive energy, it comes back to you like an echo."

3. Showcasing Lindsey's headshot and bio upfront creates a personal connection with new clients, before it leads them to her service menu. It was important to highlight Lindsey's expertise prior to pricing information.



1. Moodboard + Ideation
2. Content Ideation
3. Site Flow + User Flow
4. Wireframes + Prototyping
5. Design Implementation
6. Conduct User Testing
7. Quality Assurance Testing
8. Launch Marketing Plan
9. Website Launch
10. Email Marketing Design

People in the Minneapolis metro area looking for hair styling services.


Comparative Market Analysis | Prototype Testing | Customer Persona | Customer Journey | Analytics

Research Methods

As a potential client, I'm looking to discover information and pricing on hair styling services.

User goal



Final Homepage

Logo Design

Social Media is king in the hair salon industry, with Instagram showcasing an artist's portfolio of work. That being said, mobile first design was especially crucial as people clicked into the website from social media. In short, understanding what platform (and device) the user might be coming from should guide initial decisions early on.

Mobile First Approach

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