A historic cafe in Anoka, ran by three sisters promoting their community, local artists and events.

Avant Garden

Allison Pauley

Web Design | UX Design | Branding | Content Writing | Photography | SEO | Launch Graphics

Skills Utilized

1. Avant Garden's competitors are corporate coffee chains, that often offer drive thru ordering. Avant Garden is located on a busy main road with metered parking, which can be a turn off in Minnesota's cold winter months.

2. The owners wanted to promote themselves as a familiar community staple that supports the arts and hosts a variety of events (from art shows to open mic nights).

3. Their key demographic is Anoka area residents and business people who work in downtown Anoka.


1. To counter chain coffee shop competition, I created content that promoted an emotional, personal experience. The cafe is owned by three sisters who have great pride for their Anoka community. Not many coffee shop's have an "About" section, so I created one as an opportunity to promote further connection.

2. A "News & Events" page was added that included a calendar, where the owners could update their community on area events. A call to action is highlighted in the introduction of the page, urging viewers to reach out to the cafe to have their artwork featured or an event hosted.

3. Given their key demographic, I wanted the website to feature photos of their beautiful, historic space and comfortable environment. It was also central to showcase their food menu.



1. Site Flow + User Flow
2. Moodboard + Ideation
3. User Testing
4. Wireframes + Prototyping
5. Design Implementation
6. Continued User Testing
7. Quality Assurance Testing
8. Launch Marketing Plan
10. Website Launch

Comparative Market Analysis | Prototype Testing | Customer Persona | Customer Journey | Usability Testing | Analytics

Research Methods

People in the north metro area looking for a cafe with beverage and food options.


As a potential patron, I want to find information on what type of menu items Avant Garden offers.

User goal

Site Flow


Final Homepage


Art Direction, Photography & Editing


Communication is always key, but the real trick is communicating in an unintimidating and inspiring way. Industry terminology can easily overwhelm a client, so practicing how to clearly communicate in ways a client not only understands, but can feel empowered by is fundamental.

Communication with Clients

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